I have a lot of damn shoes.

An embarrassing amount. I still recall being in high school and wearing the same old ratty pair of GIGANTIC road trainers with a 45mm drop that I wore to both school and my job at a deli. I ran my first 5k in them when they were covered in egg sandwich and bacon grease. My mom was always frustrated that I didn't get a new pair as they slowly deteriorated. Part of my personality always wanted to get by on as little as I could. Fast forward 10 years..

My heel cup runneth over.
Some running stores take shoes for recycling purposes so I figure it's time to cull the herd. Some of these shoes have strong sentimental value though. I remember reading about an artist who had a lot of crap in his house and wanted to part with it but not lose it forever. His solution was to take a picture of everything he was tossing so that he could "have it" in a more compact form. I'll be adding photos and a brief shoe story for each (All shoes have stories..) as I work my way through the collection.

Not pictured above is my beloved 110s (Onnnnnneeee tens) which were sent back to New Balance in exchange for the 1210s pictured above.

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