Create with the things I create

Found this random madness in a saved google document. This was my first night of sleep after the TARC100.

"I woke up shivering and the first noise to pop into my head was that teeth whistling noise I do when I am shivering. For some reason a voice chimed in to say “Create with the things I create.” It felt like the voice was 2 layers deep, it wasn’t my internal voice, but a voice my internal voice was hearing. I had no grasp on my physical reality, meaning I didn’t know I was a human laying in a bed. 

The entire universe was a set of aluminum letters, seemingly just forged by a blacksmith. They sizzled with the noise escaping my teeth instead of the noise of hot metal falling into water. They danced as they cooled off from the forge. My internal voice, now only 1 level deep, questioningly repeated the command. It didn’t have the slightest clue what it meant. 

I realized that the internal voice was picking up on a dull ache that permeated existence. I could finally recognize that the aluminum letters spelled out something. ‘Hot, Cold, Hunger”. The notion that words could convey a meaning suddenly came into existence. The blacksmith had created the letters but had no idea how to represent ideas. The real world suddenly came sharply into focus. I was cold and hungry, shivering in my bed. My body had woken me up to put on a shirt and eat. "

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