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Baxter State Park Loop (Abandon)

The wilds of northern Maine is host to the gem that is Baxter State Park (BSP). Within this gem is the Mount Katahdin massif, an impressive piece of earth surrounded by pristine woods. Due not only to its prominence Katahdin stands out with a unique aesthetic. It feels more bald than the whites, a looser collection of rocks than the granite state offers. It’s abrupt and mighty.

For some time I have been plotting a trip to circumnavigate the massif itself. Initially I planned it as a winter excursion that made use of the plentiful snowmobile trails in the area. After being intimidated by the prospect of that high risk traffic I narrowed down my plan to include some trails within BSP and the rest on the tote road. While the perimeter road is open to snowmobile traffic, it isn’t often traveled due to a lack of grooming. A flaw in my plan was failing to investigate the sled draggability of the hiking trails I wanted to use.

One of the towns closest to BSP is Millinocket which recently bl…

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