More Presidential Fun

A little overdue but I wanted to share some photos from a second trip up to the Presidential Range. This trip was just as great as the first, though markedly more windy.

Much slimmer group, only a dynamic duo this time. The night before we backpacked a little ways into the trail west of Crawford Notch and set up a small camp. I couldn't keep a fire going as the woods were saturated but Jetboil'ed noodles fueled us for the next day. It was a fun and economical way to stay albeit a little hard to find a flat surface far enough off the trail to make camp on. We were a little too close to civilization to call it primitive camping, but the idea was there.

The views were stunning and clear, the clouds dynamic, and Mt. Washington was naked when we got up there. Beautifully upheld moisture oddly puts me at ease with mortality. Knowing that beyond my existence the clouds will continue to pull the entranced gaze of humanity skyward warms my bones.


Mt. Washington, Shadowy clouds and Lake of the clouds.
More ridges..

Mt. Washington getting pummeled. 

UFO Clouds.

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