UTMF Required Gear

Endlessly stressing over Lycra!

After much ado I think I have my UTMF gear figured out. You don't have to wear any of these at the start, just carry them. The list is pasted below.

  1. Course map (You must download and carry with you the "Detailed Course Map" from the official website) (*1)
  2. Mobile phone (you must be able to make/receive calls in Japan with this mobile phone). The emergency phone number for race headquarters will be written on your racer number card/bib. Make sure your phone is fully charged before the race. You may receive emergency information on your phone before/during the race.
  3. Personal cup for hot/cold drinks at aid stations (minimum 150cc size). Paper cups will not be provided at the aid stations.
  4. Water (you must carry a minimum of 1L of water at the start line and upon leaving each aid station)
  5. Food
  6. 2 lights with replacement batteries for both lights. Remember that battery life will decline in cold temperatures.
  7. Survival blanket (minimum size of 130cm x 200cm)
  8. Whistle
  9. Adhesive elastic tape/band (minimum length of 80cm x 3cm) (*2)
  10. Portable/disposable toilet (*3)
  11. Warm fleece or warm long sleeve shirt. Cotton shirts are not allowed. (*4)
  12. Warm running pants or leggings or a combination of tights/leggings and long socks which cover the legs completely. Cotton pants/leggings are not allowed. (*5)
  13. Warm gloves/mittens and hat that covers your ears. (*6)
  14. Waterproof rain jacket with hood & rain pants (both made of waterproof and breathable membrane such as Gore-Tex or something similar; seams must be seam-sealed) (Item 11. and 12. cannot be used to replace item 14.)
  15. First aid kit (such as band aids, disinfectant, etc)
  16. Overseas travel/accident insurance policy (*7)
  17. Race number card/bib and Race IC Chips (to put on both shoes). These will be given to you at the race.
  18. Flashing reflector light (put this light on your backpack during the race so that cars will be able to see you at night). This light will be given to you at the race.
  • *1 You may download the Detailed Course Maps onto your SmartPhone. However, if your SmartPhone batteries run out during the race and you cannot show the maps, this will be considered the same as not having the maps with you.
  • *2 Bring strong tape that can be used during emergencies such as injuries (e.g. broken bones) as well as emergency repairs (e.g broken equipment)
  • *3 If you use yours during the race, replacements are available at the aid stations.
  • *4 "Warm clothing for the upper body" = mid-layer clothing such as fleece jackets, wool sweaters and light-weight down jackets that create a layer of warm air between you and the fabric. Light weight underwear and base layers are not accepted.
  • *5 "Warm clothing for the lower body" = A. Full-length pants that go down to your ankles. B. Full-length tights that go down to your ankles. C. Short-length tights combined with long-length socks so that your leg is essentially completely covered.
  • *6 Wool and polyester knot caps that provide warmth. Caps, headbands, light weight head coverings (such as Buffs) and jacket hoods are not accepted.
  • *7 For racers coming from overseas and do not live in Japan, it is strongly recommended that you obtain adequate travel insurance coverage for the duration of your stay as medical/emergency rescue fees can be extremely expensive in Japan.
  • The mandatory equipment list provided here is only the minimum. You will be running in severe conditions for two days and one night (one day and one night for the STY) so please ensure that you are well-prepared to manage your own safety and well-being and bring additional gear that you may need to do so. (You may start the race wearing short sleeves and shorts (i.e. you do not have to wear the mandatory clothing), however you must carry with you the mandatory clothing with you at all times.

I think what I will end up doing is the following...

Start in 

- Salomon "I'm Killian Fucking Jornet" tank 
- 3/4 length Salomon manpris

Comfort gear

- Mountain Hardwear arm warmers

Required gear

- #11 - Mountain Hardwear Thermostatic Hooded Jacket (Down)
- #12 - Borrowed Mountain Hardwear leg warmers (Thanks Old Tearbritches)
- #13 - Two pairs of random gloves
- #14 - Mountain Hardwear Effusion Hooden Jacket / Mountain Hardwear Alkane Rain Pants

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